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We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the controls for limiting SPAM:

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Our messages for mobile messages respect the privacy of your information, and will never sell or leak your personal information to any other party without your prior permission or for purely legal purposes.

The user is fully responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of his passwords and data. The user should exercise caution in the information he discloses, if the user voluntarily discloses any information of his own (eg on message boards, or via e-mail), other users may view and use it.

* On the mobile messaging site, our messages adopt an automatic filtering system that handles messages that may contain obscene words, threats, infringement, advertising messages for short number services, or SPAM messages for people who do not wish to receive messages..Messages are processed by technical support staff, and we may have to delete the message in In the event that it violates the terms of use of the site or the terms of the Communications and Information Technology Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or permanently suspends his account without any compensation to the sender of the message because of his violation of the terms of use of the site

In the event of any changes in the policy adopted by our messages for mobile messages regarding the privacy of information, these changes will be published on the site for users to see.

Terms of use of our message services for mobile messages

* You undertake not to send SPAM messages to numbers you do not know or whose owners did not allow you to contact them, or to send random or serial numbers .. In this case, the laws of the Communications and Information Technology Commission will apply to you .. In addition, in the event of your violation, we will freeze your account directly without any prior warning and without Any compensation until you prove the opposite of the violation by proving, if you impersonate a company, for example, that you are actually a representative of this company and the company has allowed you to send on its behalf.. or in the event of sending SPAM messages.. to prove that you know the owner of the number and that he does not mind receiving your messages.

* You agree to use this site only for lawful purposes, and you will refrain from sending or broadcasting any material through this site that would infringe or infringe the rights of others or limit or prevent their use of this site, or that would involve an illegal matter, threatening, abusive, slanderous, infringing on the privacy of others, the copyrights of others, using obscene words, insulting or violating Islam or sanctities, or for any other reason unacceptable, or would encourage Committing a crime or an offense that entails civil liability or is in violation of any law.

* It is forbidden to resell messages to a third party.

* The validity of messages is one Gregorian year, starting from the date of shipment.

* The site is not responsible for the delay or loss of messages in the following cases:

Incorrectly typing mobile numbers

The unavailability of the text messaging service, the language used, or the incompatibility of the receiver's mobile

Unavailability of mobile network coverage on the receiver's mobile or outside the coverage area

SMS classification and measures to reduce SPAM issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission

First: Classification of Messages:

Warning messages: High-priority messages and warning content sent to all users in all or some regions of the Kingdom, by specialized government agencies.

Awareness Messages: Messages with educational or guiding content sent to all users (or specific categories of them) by legal entities such as governmental or semi-governmental agencies, banks, hospitals, schools, universities, etc., provided that such messages are not promoted or It aims for profit, directly or indirectly, and donations are not collected through or recalled.

Service messages: Messages with service content sent to a specific user for the purpose of submitting a personal or automated notification, such as hospital appointments or banking operations, or for the purpose of electronic authentication to confirm his possession of the mobile number.

Personal Messages: Messages addressed from a specified user number to another specified number and not of commercial or marketing content.

Promotional messages Messages of a marketing or commercial nature or to collect or remind donations.

Second: Procedures for dealing with types of messages

In type (c) classification of messages, the sender's name (Tag Name) must contain the suffix Ad after the name of the sending party to indicate the nature of its advertising content.

It is forbidden to send messages of type (b) and (c) from ten in the evening until seven in the morning, and from one in the morning until twelve in the evening in Ramadan