Activate messages in basket


Activate messages in basket

How to activate the messaging service in a basket

The first step:

Activate a new sender name

Please fill out the letter to activate the sender’s name by downloading the letter by clicking here


Important note:

  • If you are a company or institution : Please provide us with a valid copy of your commercial register and authenticate the letter from the Chamber of Commerce
  • If you are self-employed : Please provide us with a valid copy of your self-employment document.

After filling out the letter and preparing the required documents, Please fill out the form to request a sender’s name via the following link: ( form link ).

We will work to process your request as quickly as possible

The second step:

Log in to your account in the basket, then the basket applications store, and search for the Our Messages application


After installing the application on the store, the following data is written:



If you have not previously registered an account in the “Our Messages” messaging service, follow the following steps


For any inquiries, contact us at the following email

[email protected]