Madrasati App


Madrasati App

Madrasati App

It is a program designated for schools and educational institutions of all types. Where you, as a leader or director of the educational institution, can communicate with all its employees, including students, teachers, parents, etc., via SMS .

It is directly linked to the central Noor system for Saudi schools and can also be linked to other systems and databases.

Program Advantages :

  1. You can import student and teacher data directly from the Noor system, with the ability to modify it from within the program with ease.
  2. The program supports schools with multiple stages, as you only need one account to manage all stages. It also supports the curriculum system for secondary levels.
  3. You can send daily absences, morning tardiness, behavioral violations, and all daily situations of the student to his guardian.
  4. You can send it to various school employees, including teachers, principals, supervisors, etc.
  5. The program enables you to send circulars and general messages to students and teachers, such as exam dates, postponement of studies, delivery of certificates, payment of tuition fees, etc.
  6. You can print reports of sent messages, such as daily absence and tardiness reports, to keep them as a paper document.
  7. Through the program, you can add new students or modify and delete existing students without the need to modify the Noor system.
  8. You can run the program on more than one computer at the same time without the need for other settings.
  9. You can upload student and teacher data through a handwritten Excel file with ease.
  10. You can search in the reports of sent messages at any time for messages related to a specific number, with the ability to print the report of the search results.
  11. You can save your favorite or private message templates to use periodically at different times whenever you want.
  12. You can search for duplicate numbers and wrong numbers to exclude them while sending.
  13. You can preview the message and its cost before confirming the sending process.
  • Additional features for an additional fee:

  • The possibility of sending end-of-semester and period certificates to parents . Watch the video to learn about it
  • Reply messages: Receiving responses from parents, Whether it’s to make an excuse or comment on their children’s absence.
  • The ability to upload mobile-compatible attachments and attach them to the message text.
  1. To access the program click here

contact numbers :

men : 0545713192

women: 0581060600