Service features


Service features

We provide the following features:

· Licensed by the Communications and Information Technology Commission No. (291-10-32).

· Privacy of numbers and data sent.

· The possibility of approving the names of senders and registering them in the list allowed by the Communications and Information Technology Commission to bypass the blocking of advertising messages.

· Providing the ability to create unlimited number of sub-accounts.

· Providing the requirements for developing and linking services that require SMS linking upon request.

· Providing the ability to send messages through REST APIs as well as through the SMPP protocol

· The ability to obtain transmission reports for messages through the transmission portal as well as through APIs

· Ensuring service stability of no less than 99%.

· Providing technical support services via phone, email, technical support tickets, or through direct conversations.

· The balance is valid for one full year from the date of shipment, and you can maintain the balance by charging before the specified validity period expires.