Connection through API


Connection through API

Do you have a special program that you would like to link with the mobile SMS service to communicate with the owners of mobile phones stored in your database?

In our messages for mobile messages, we offer you the SMS Gateway API service, which enables you with ease to link your program, website, or system, whatever the programming language used in it, to our SMS Gateway, and you will get a distinctive, secure, and highly reliable SMS service to link with your system. Your .

What does our SMS Gateway offer?

Our mobile messaging portal allows you to connect to our portals to send mobile SMS messages using your own username and password through Internet pages that enable you to perform the following operations:

1. Sending SMS mobile messages with the ability to specify the sender’s name, the text of the message you want to send, and the numbers you want to send to with complete ease and flexibility.

2. Balance inquiry, where you can find out your current balance by sending your username and password on the find out balance link, and the result will be returned to you with your current balance.

3- Send a mobile message at a later time, where you can specify the date and time of the desired future sending.

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